Partyman (tonyzaret) wrote,

Insecure/Confident; Humble/Arrogant

I was having a thought and maybe this is a good place for it. When it comes to how people see themselves in relation to other people they are either humble or arrogant, and when it comes to how people see others in relation to themselves, they are either insecure or confident. It's like an axis.

Insecure - worried about what other people think of you
Confident - not concerned what other people think of you

Humble - realize that you're no better than anybody else
Arrogant - think you're better than everybody else

So everybody is at one place or another on these 2 continuums. You have:
- Insecure/Humble - people that are shy and somewhat intimidated by others. These people are humble enough to learn and improve, but they'll be held back by insecurity.

- Insecure/Arrogant - these people think they are better than everybody else, but they are also very concerned what other people think of them, and need approval. They spend lots of time thinking about people they hate and how everybody else sucks, and are always filled with resentment of others, because they think they deserve more.

-Confident/Arrogant - these people tend to be sort of sociopathic. They only think about themselves and tend to live in a bubble. The kind of people that drive yellow sports cars and get cheesy tattoos and have no idea why anyone would think that was stupid. These people may get some success, but it will be limited by the fact that they are too arrogant to realize when they have done anything that doesn't work.

-Confident/Humble - This is what to aim for. You are humble enough to know that there will always be things you can learn from other people, and confident enough not to be concerned all the time what others think. Some people are just this way naturally, but for others in can be a struggle, but overall I think if we all aim for this, we'll be happier.
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