Partyman (tonyzaret) wrote,

beer commercials=hate women

You guys probably haven't seen any of these commercials because they play during sports, which you hipsters never watch, or you all have had tivo for 10 years and fast forward through them, but there are a million beer commercials these days with the same stupid joke, where a guy is talking about how much he loves something, then his girlfriend or wife gets all googely eyed, then he's like 'FUCK YOU I WAS TALKING ABOUT MY MILLER BEER' or whatever. Or just generally something where a woman wants a man to do something, and he brings a beer and pretends to be doing whatever it is she wanted, then drinks the beer. These ads are kind of disturbing. Beer companies spend a lot of money on this shit, they wouldn't put these things out if their market research hadn't shown that men hate women. Basically the message is, WE ARE BUDWEISER, WE UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH YOU HATE WOMEN, DRINK OUR BEER.

I remember back in the 80's, it was the opposite, when you opened up a cold beer, all of a sudden a bunch of women would show up! The men in those commercials were EXCITED that women were around. Now the men in beer commercials want nothing to do with women, they just want to be alone with their watery beer. What happened? Is everybody gay now? Are the guys that work on beer commercials the same guys that have to work on tampon commercials, and they are so sick of having female clients boss them around that they take out all their rage on the Miller Lite campaign?
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